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December 12, 2019



Newcomers are just starting to work and a new phase in their lives is beginning. You will receive the first money you have earned and can already fulfill some of your wishes. At the beginning the salary is not very high, so larger purchases have to wait.

A driver’s license, your own car and an apartment cost money, not all of which can be paid from the salary. For this, young people have to save for a long time. There is a way out with the loan for young professionals. These are quickly assigned nowadays, but a few things should be considered.

Where the loan can be taken out

Where the loan can be taken out

The loan for young professionals can be taken out at your own house bank, at other credit institutions or at direct banks. The creditworthiness is particularly checked for young professionals, because it is not uncommon for applicants to be very young. You need to be able to meet certain criteria to get this loan. If the applicant is not of legal age, the parent or guardian must always sign the loan agreement.

In addition, the bank requires the employment contract, bank statements and consent that the credit may be examined. As long as the contract of employment runs, the term of the loan will also run. The income, or the amount that remains at the end of the month, is also decisive for the loan amount. For example, a career starter can expect to get a small loan. The loan amount for these loans is between 500 dollars and 2,000 dollars.

What should be considered?

What should be considered?What should be considered?

Young professionals should make sure that the annual percentage rate is not too high, because that would mean that the loan would be expensive. A credit comparison would make sense, because a lot of interest can be saved here.

If you already have a bad entry in the credit checker, you should always bring other security with you for the loan for young professionals. A surety would be the best choice, because then the bank has a second borrower who can hedge it.

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